Thursday, 21 March 2013

MUA Undress Me Too Palette Review

Hello! I hope you are all well :) It is snowing here in Scotland so it is freeeeezing! *brr* what's the weather like where you are?:)

I use MUA's Undressed palette every day as I haven't got the Naked palette, so this is my replacement for the now! I absolutely love this palette so when I seen that MUA had released a second edition 'Undress Me too' I was so excited (I know it's pretty sad but hey ho)! However my Superdrug didn't have it in stock every time I checked but the other day.. dun dun duuun.. they had it, so I had to buy it! 
I absolutely love it, the colours are beautiful and exactly what I like to use, the two palettes are similar but different at the same time.. this one seems to have more matt shades which I like as I use them as bases more than shimmery colours. The colours have really good colour pay off and are very bendable. I like the packaging, some people think white is kind of tacky but I quite like it as I think you can see the colours better.
This palette is an absolute bargain for £4!

Do you like this palette?


  1. Great review..Are the matt shades also good pigmanted? Because I find that in the Undressed one, the matt shades aren't that pigmanted...
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  2. i love that they have now given the colour names! I must pick this pallet up.


  3. Ooo I love all of these colours, I'd definitely get a lot of use out of this palette! xxx

  4. I love your photo's! I bought this palette, but I've not tried it yet.. it looks amazing! xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  5. Love the look of fiery and wink! Looks a great dupe for the naked palette xxx

  6. These look like some great colours!

    Much love,
    Jennifer x

  7. Really want to pick up this palette, at £4 it's rude not too!

    A little bit Unique - Blog // Facebook // Bloglovin


  8. Such beautiful eyeshadows! xo

  9. Love your blog! I've been looking at these palettes for ages, and I think I might have to get one! I like that this one has more matte shadows as I'm not a huge fan of sparkles! MUA are such good prices too!


  10. I love this palette as well! I just reviewed it on my blog yesterday, It was great to read someones elses opinion :D

  11. Gorgeous colours!xxx

  12. great post! love the shades on the mua pallet

    kitty xx

  13. I bought this, I'm going to review on it soon too :) I love all the colours!

    Jamie ♥

  14. I do think the colours in the Undressed palette are more my cup of tea but for £4 I would be stupid not to try this one as well ;) xx

  15. I dream about Urban Decay Naked II and this MUA pallet seems to be a good substitute! I love these colours :)

  16. I've literally just bought this palette, and I love it! The colours are beautiful and great for everyday wear :)


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