Sunday, 27 January 2013

Body Shop Brushes Review

I got quite a few Body Shop brushes for my Christmas from my boyfriends mum. I always use brushes for applying makeup. My mum got me a really good set of brushes for my Christmas a few years ago and I have realised since then that makeup application and the overall finished look is much better when you have more than one brush!

I had never tried any Body Shop brushes before and I have to say, these ones are really good, they are soft on your face which is the first thing I check with brushes because I dab and flick the brushes quite a lot and if the brush has thick and has hard bristles it hurts my eyes and cheeks.

Blusher Brush - £12

I use this brush for bronzing and contouring my face, I don't use blusher as much but it works well with blush too. I find the bristles soft and shiny which I love because then my bronzer slides on evenly, not thick and too dark. The brush is intended for sculpting, dusting and blending.

This is a thick brush and very precise, so it collects eye shadow perfectly and holds it in the bristles and applies it evenly across the whole eye, which is really good as I find a lot of brushes are very loose and don't pick up product very well and they leave you with a very dull eye when the shadow is applied.

The hairs on this brush are very fine and tightly compacted together which is perfect for concealer or lipstick,  it is very precise and small so it is perfect for concealing imperfections and under your eyes. It holds the product well and is easy to clean as the bristles are thin and shiny.

Smudger - £9

I use this brush for taking away any marks that mascara or eyeliner may have left when applying my makeup and of course I use it for smudging, I never really like these kind of sponge brushes because I find the heads of them to always become loose and the foam rips easily but this sponge is very thick and feels like it is going to stay in place. I am very pleased with it so far!

Finally the comb, I don't use this on my eyelashes but you could use the comb side to thin out mascara if it had been applied too clumpy and you wanted your lashes to be thinner. I use both the brush and comb side for shaping my eyebrows as they always decide to change shape! The brush feels strong and does a good job of separating hairs.

Overall I think they are really good and long lasting brushes! They feel like really good quality and apply makeup well!

Do you have any Body Shop brushes?

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  1. Nice review u have here, I plan to buy TBS brush, they look so good and professional. Thank u for sharing ur experience :)

    btw I'm Deasy from


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