Friday, 11 January 2013

Company Magazine

I usually don't buy many magazines because I think most of them are just full of utter crap, I am not a person who is interested in reading about about who stole who's cat and about everyone's sex lives. But I had decided to buy Company magazine before they changed their new look last February and I didn't really enjoy reading through it, it seemed very typical and boring. Then they changed their cover and the entire style of the magazine, I instantly was drawn to it on the magazine shelf in the supermarket. I bought it without realising it was the same magazine that I had read a few months previous. I love Company magazine now and I have had to buy it every single month, since March last year. Absolutely everything in it interests me. They write about beauty, makeup, fashion, blogging, tutorials, nail art and they always have interviews with young and interesting people, it has no silly 'real life' stories and 'awkward' to read stories. I might just be odd but I love the fact I can leave company magazine lying around the house without worrying if any of my wee cousins pick it up and read something they shouldn't. I am going to subscribe after this months issue as I think it is easier than trying to find it in a shop in my town (which seems to be the last to get any magzines!).

This months issue is £2.50 and in some places £1.25 so I suggest you go and pick one up before they all disappear! 

What do you think of Company magzine? : )



  1. I love Company magazine! I totally agree with you about the new look - it really makes it stand out and is so much more quirky ^.^
    Where abouts have you managed to spot it for half price? I spend so many pennies on magazines it's always good to find a deal like that!
    I found your blog through bbloggers blog hop - it's my first time :)
    N xoxo.

    1. Yeah the new look makes it look so good!
      I seen the front cover of the magazine on this subscription website and it says £1.25 (, I haven't seen it on sale yet in my town at all so I am still looking out for the magazine itself and of course the cheaper mag. Some places I have found do company cheaper than others on different months, which is weird, if I find it I will be sure to tell you where I got it!:) and oh it's my first time too! haha I will check out your blog:) thankyou for your comment Natalie xxxx


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