Monday, 28 January 2013

Orange & Cinnamon Shearer Candle

I thought I would share with you my favourite Shearer candle as it has been one of the main fragrances in my home through the winter. I love having candles burning, they always make a room feel cosier and of course smell amazing. I love this 'Orange & Cinnamon' candle as it smells fresh and wintry. I don't usually like orange scented things as I think they smell like cleaning fluid, but this candle doesn't at all and the cinnamon scent gives it a crisp and new smell which is lovely. The tea lights are as strong smelling as the full sized candle and they definitely fill a room with the lovely fragrance, as you can see we are down to our last tea-light but they have lasted a long time. The big candle has also lasted a long time, it has been on and off constant for the past couple months. I would highly recommend buying them and trying out some other fragrances in their range!

Have you tried any Shearer Candles before?

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  1. yeah I tried that one and I can share the link with you where you can find such candles and many more things. If you are interested so you should visit.


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