Thursday, 2 May 2013

Yankee Candle - Loves Me, Loves Me Not ♥ | Spring/Summer Favourite

Hello! (:
I needed to share with you my favourite Yankee Candle at the moment!
It is so fresh and pleasant, my mum bought quite a few boxes of these, not knowing what they were going to smell like (which is not usually like her..). We were both in love as soon as she opened the parcel! It is a very strong but not over powering, daisy flower fragrance. It fills my entire house with it's gorgeous spring scent in just one tea light! As always the packaging is lovely and the pictures make it feel even more like spring!
I have definitely added it to my list of Yankee favourites and I would highly recommend trying it! My mum bought these from THIS ebay shop, 2 boxes for £12.50, she has bought from this seller before and has never had any problems at all, all the prices are excellent too!

I am just about to go to work but I feel bad having to move my cat off my bed when I leave.. she looks so cosy! hehe

What are your favourite Yankee Candle at the moment? (:


  1. I love the Vanilla Cupcake one at the moment, but will have to check this smell out next time


  2. I love this one too! It smells just like daisies, that is what is so good about Yankee Candles...they actually smell like what they say they do. I really like Fluffy Towels for this time of year, it smells like clean washing :)

    Elle xx


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