Monday, 26 August 2013

Cath Kidston iPad case ♥

Cath Kidston iPad Case - RRP£30 (on sale for £20 here)
My iPad is my baby, I got it for my 18th birthday (4th August) from my mum and dad. My mum picked this beautiful Cath Kidston case to go with it and I love it. 
It has a padded memory foam material inside so my iPad is very safe and protected. The material on the outside is wipe clean oil cloth with the lovely floral print across it. I keep my iPad inside this case all the time when I am not using it. It is brilliant for travelling and keeping in my handbag if I am going anywhere. So if you are looking for a quality carry case for your iPad then I would highly recommend this one. 
I will do a 'Whats On My iPad' post soon too so keep a look out for that, I always like to see what other apps people have on their iPads/iPhones to see if there is any ones I haven't heard of, so hopefully you will enjoy it. Thanks for reading :) xo


  1. Such a pretty case, My Ipad is my baby and I always make sure to put in back in it's case, I have a Marc By Marc Jacobs one and it has padding inside which is fab ;-)

  2. Ah this is so lovely!! I think my iPad needs a little cath kidston outfit too!!xx


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