Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Halloween | Pumpkin Nail Art Tutorial ♥

Hello! I thought I would do a different kind of post today, so I hope you like it! I love Halloween, I think it's because the weather starts to change and everywhere feels Autumnal and cosy! Of course I also love the thought of vampires, ghosts and witches with black cats and broom sticks haha! 
Pumpkins are one of those things that instantly remind me of Halloween so that's why I thought they would make a good nail art tutorial, to get into the Halloween spirit (ha ha spirit.. get it..oOoOoh).

1. You will need: Green polish (Beauty UK), 2 shades of orange polish (Essie 'Action' & Essie 'Orange, It's Obvious'), black polish (Barry M '47 Black'), white polish (Barry M '66 Matt White'),  a top coat (MUA) & a dotting tool.
2. Paint a semi-circle on the tip of your nail with the lightest shade of orange.
3. With a dotting tool blend the darker shade of orange into the sides of the semi-circle (this doesn't have to be neat at the edges as you will fill a colour round them later).
4. Paint on your desired pumpkin face using a dotting tool and black polish, add a green stalk to the top and then dot white polish onto the eyes as a highlight.
5. Blend black polish around the outsides of the pumpkin, neatening up the edges as you go.
6. Paint the darker shade of orange onto the bottom of your nail and use a dotting tool to blend the black and orange together, I find 'swirling' them together works well. Finally apply a glossy top coat to finish off the design.

I hope you liked this tutorial, comment any ideas you have for more nail art tutorials below :)! xo


  1. These look so good, I wish I had the patience for this!! xx


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