Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Simple Perfecting Beauty Balm Review ♥

Hellooo, I have a pretty negative product review today. I think it's good to keep a mix of good and bad reviews on my blog, so that people with similar skin tones to me know what they are getting with a product. 
I am a huge fan of all of Simple's products but this one definitely isn't one I am going to be adding to my favourites any time soon. I have been looking for the perfect, light BB cream for a while now but it just doesn't seem to exist! I seen this one on offer in Superdrug a couple of weeks ago for £4.49, I thought it was the perfect time to try it as my skin was pretty clear and I wanted to wear less foundation on a daily basis. I looked through all of the boxes on the shelf to find the lightest shade, however, I was surprised to see that they all had the same 'universal shade' on the front of every box. I was confused at how one shade could possibly fit everyone, however, I still bought it. 
I was shocked at how orange this BB cream was when I first squeezed it out of the tube. I applied it on top of my moisturiser with my Real Techniques expert face brush (review here), and buffed it into my skin. My face instantly turned orange and I could still see every little mark left from previous spots. I tried blending it down my neck to make it look a bit better which didn't work. I think this BB cream would only be best used if you fake tan and have a glow about your skin all the time, otherwise it is going to totally mismatch your skintone and make you look like a tangerine. I was really really disappointed in this BB cream as Simple are such a brilliant skincare brand. Maybe makeup isn't their strong point just yet, but I am hopeful that they will bring out a better BB cream in the future!
Have you tried this BB cream?



  1. That's something im definitely not going to try especially because I'm so pale!
    Elizabeth x

    1. Definitely avoid it! I'm as pale as a ghost honestly and it's shocking on my skin! Thanks for your comment :) x


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