Monday, 30 June 2014

Amazing Advertisers - June

Hey! Another month is over.. SO glad it is July now because I am going to London on the 26th, eeeek! I'm so excited! I hope you have had a good month, here are my lovely advertisers this month, I hope you enjoy looking through their blogs as much as I do :). 

Exclusive Advertiser

"On a dark night last September, I was finally convinced to set up a blog. A long-term pal of mine had been saying for ages, 'ooooh Bean' you need to write about all these lovely/and not so lovely things you try.  You see I had quite a stash of products, it was more like a small shop, certainly not an every day makeup bag.  It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I'm documenting life, sharing products I love and don't love so much, meeting wonderful bloggers and enjoying the whole community spirit. Plus I'm hopefully looking a little better (after all that testing).

If you want to join my journey and 'full of Bean's' blog, please subscribe it would mean the world to this ditzy, fun-loving, blonde Bean."

Large Advertisers

"Hey guys! My name is Alex and I have a blog named "Prettythoughtsx". I currently work as a Retail Apprentice at Next and hope to go into Visual Merchandising! I've not been blogging for very long, only a few months but I really do love it. It's mainly Beauty and Fashion related - however I do the odd post on fun things I do aka travelling! Come say Hi sometime :-)" 
"Hi, my name is Sophiia (yes I spelt it right, don't judge!) and my little blog is Beauty By Sophiia. Its not a very original title, I know, but I'm heavily pregnant so blame it on the baby-brain. I blog about anything beauty related that catches my eye, and sometimes I like to dabble in a bit of fashion. I also post about my pregnancy and will be featuring more of my son in the coming months, so keep an eye out if you love photos of adorably dressed toddlers! I like to write honest reviews, so you'll never get a load of mindless twaddle from me - brownie promise. Speaking of which I'm also getting into posting recipes soon, once I've cracked my ultimate cupcake. So that's what I'm all about, take a look at my blog if you like the sounds of it, and comment too! I love reading and replying comments, I like new friends :) Much love, Sophiia x"

You can book advertising slots by following the instructions here 

Natalie x

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