Monday, 11 August 2014

Whats On My Shiny New iPod? ♥

iPod Touch 5th Gen 32GB - £199 Tesco & iPod Case from Argos
I recently treated myself to a new iPod as I always listen to music in my car but I always use my phone which totally drains it's battery. My old iPod had given up the ghost so I decided it was time to get a nice new shiny blue one!
At the time I bought this, it was £219 and I got a 10% discount because in case you didn't know I work at Tesco! (how glamorous, I know but I love my job and the people I work with, so for now, it is the perfect job for me!) so that took my total to 197.10, which I thought was a pretty good price for a 32GB! 
I hope you like this different kind of post today, I am always hunting for new apps to try and new music, so I hope you find this helpful!
Bloglovin' - I love using the bloglovin app daily to keep up to date with my favourite blogs. It is so nicely layed out which makes it effortless to navigate between different blogs.
Tumblr - I use this app all the time, it is great for outfit, hair and makeup inspiration. I also just love adding new pictures to my tumblr blog, have a look if you don't follow it already! (click here)
Argos - I use this app for reserving items to collect from store and browsing through the latest price cuts to see what I can spend my money on (mostly junk I don't actually need).
iTube - This has got to me my most used app. I use it for all of my music needs. It has a YouTube player built into it, so you can search any song and it will come up, once you listen to the song once it is cached to your app and you can listen to it over and over with or without internet. I have noticed there are a few new itube apps which aren't the original one and aren't working as good, however this one works perfect for me!
National Rail - This is a great app for working out train journeys and ticket prices, it is very easy to use and it has all the latest train updates on it too!
Lifestyle Folder
Wowcher - This app gives you updates of latest vouchers that can be used in your area and online. It is great for bargain hunters like me!
Clubcard - This app tells you how many clubcard points you have, how much they are worth and it has a built in clubcard that you can scan at the checkout too!
eBay - I spend most of my life on this app. It is so handy for quickly searching things and buying them. If you don't have this app on your phone or ipod then get it now! You need it!
Depop - I  keep saying to myself I will actually get round to selling things on this app but I never do. I just use it to browse through other peoples items. You can follow people on it and buy things they are selling, it is a bit like ebay but it is much more popular and on trend.
Asos - I use this app to look up new clothing. I haven't ever bought directly from the app but it is great just for browsing through collections.
Topshop - I also use this app just to browse through sales and new collections, it is handy to have.
Photography Folder
Snapseed - I use this app on a daily basis to edit my instagram pictures and edit pictures I have taken on my ipod and my phone. it is so easy to use and it makes your pics look amazing!
Photo Editor - This is another good photo editing app, I don't use it as much as Snapseed but I do like it!
Dropbox - I use Dropbox constantly, it is great for transferring photos from my laptop to my ipod or phone or vice versa. It is so simple and quick to use.
Instasize - I looove this photo editing app. It is used to crop full size pictures to instagram size, it gives you a white border around your full size image so you don't have to crop out half of your picture on instagram! Genius!
Wallpapers - This is my favourite app for wallpapers, the wallpaper on my ipod in these pictures is from it. There is such a massive range of high quality colourful pictures to suit anyone's taste!
Blogger - I really wish Blogger brought out a new blogging app as I don't think this one is the best it could be, however, it is handy for touching up blog posts on the go.
Random Apps
Vine - Vine is an app which allows you to post quick videos and follow people. I use it to watch all the comedy videos, they're hillarious!
4od & BBC iPlayer - These are both great to use on the go, they has all my favourite tv shows on them and are great for catching up on missed episodes.
Kik - I use this app on a daily basis as I don't have signal at my house and it is good for keeping in contact with my friends that dont have Viber (another texting app). if you want to add me on kik my username is magickruby.
Tripadvisor - I have been using this app to find restaurants in London and around my area where I stay in Scotland, it is also great for finding attractions and things to do!
Twitter - I use Twitter on my phone, iPad and iPod, so it is constantly being updated wherever I am, if you want to follow my twitter, my username is shabbychicndtea.
Instagram  - I use Instagram every day, it is my favourite app and I love uploading my photos from my day onto it. You can follow me  if you like, my username is magickruby. 
Sorry for such a long post but I thought you would like to see the apps I use constantly. I hope you enjoyed reading! x



  1. Your phone case is adorable! One of my favourite apps is WeHeartIt :)

  2. Omg your phone case!<3 So cute. I love Instagram as well and i'm always on the tumblr app haha.



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