Thursday, 9 October 2014

Hello Autumn, I'm Back!

Hello! I am back from my totally unplanned blogging break. 
I have been really busy over the past couple of months, so I haven't found the time to blog or take pictures in day light. 
I recently started a Fashion Design course at my college, I love it. I never really enjoyed sewing and making clothes in high school but now I really enjoy it. I have to make a skirt before Christmas, so I will keep you updated on how it is coming along. I would like to do a post about my course at some point, so if you would like to read that then let me know. I have been working most days and pretty much every day after college too, so 3 days a week my day starts at 7am for college and ends at 9pm when I finish my shift at work, I don't mind but it has definitely affected my blog. I will try harder to get blog pictures taken on my full days off. I have also had my hair dip dyed again so it is back to blonde on the bottom which I really like for this time of year. I hope you are all well, I have taken lots of blog pictures today so I will have some beauty posts up over the next few days. Thanks for sticking with me while I have been away :) x
p.s how cosy does Magick look lying in front of the fire!



  1. Lovely post and I hope you enjoyed your break! :) Cant wait to see your designs and you should definitely share your college work! I find it interesting and used to love sewing but haven't done it in ages! xx

  2. welcome back! i would love to see a full post about the fashion design course as it is something i am looking into doing! xx

  3. Hello!
    Your course sounds lovely, glad you are enjoying it. Would deffo like to hear more :)
    amber love


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