Monday, 17 September 2012


1. iPad 3.. I NEED THIS. I broke my iPod (water + iPod, doesn't go well and damages the WiFi chip thingy inside..) and I really want to buy an iPad, I may wait until there is some deals on at Christmas.. it is coming in at £399 and I don't want to spend that much just yet. They are just so beautiful..

2. This jacket is the bees knees. it is amazing! Army/Military style is really in the now and is going to be big, the studs are also very in style and are becoming a slight obsession of mine.. I really love this coat, it is £58 which isn't too bad for Top Shop I don't think.

3.PlayStation 3, I love everything about the PS3 and I am a bit of a technology nerd and really want to buy one, but yet again I think I will wait until Christmas time to see if there is any deals going then I will purchase it!

4. River Island Hidden Wedge Hi Tops! I am kicking myself that I didn't buy these the last time I was shopping, where I stay there is no good shops at all and it is a full day trip to go to the nearest city so I don't get to go very often but when I do, I spend a lot of money and I wish I had bought these amazing trainers when I had the chance! P.S. I am usually a size 6/7 but the size 6 in these are very small.. I tried them on in store. So if you are borderline Size 7 like I am then I suggest buying the 7 to be safe!

5. Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith. This is such a brilliant idea! If you haven't heard of this book then you need to look it up, even look it up on YouTube. what is it? well on each page you are given an instruction and you have to use your imagination and draw out what you think the page should look like, I have wanted this book for several months now and now I have realised there is 2 or 3 similar ones by the same author too so I think I will purchase them all at the same time in a collection! The price for the one book is less than £10, it varies from place to place, but it is very popular on

6.I am in need of a new leather jacket and this one looks perfect! More studs and spikes and just gorgeous! BUT for £65 I would expect it to be real Leather but it isn't, it is 100% polyurethane which is disappointing but if someone offered me it I would still take it!

What is your wishlist this month?? Comment below (:


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  1. U need to get a ipad 3 there amazing! Love the both the jackets btw, i was eyeing up the military jacket the other day :) x

    1. ooh I think I will buy one! and yeah the military style that's in the now is gorgeous! love it! thanks for your comment<3 x


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