Monday, 7 January 2013

My December Favourites

Here is a few pictures of my favourite things throughout December, these are also featured on my Instagram  which you can request to follow, my username is in the description 

Lauren Conrad 'Beauty' is such a good book! I would 100% recommend this, I love reading it, it covers everything! makeup, nail art, skincare, hairstyles and more.

I got my nails done at work with Shellac gel nail polish, I thought that with it being the festive season I would get gold glitter on one of them to, Shellac nails is usually between £15-£30 depending on where you go for it and they last 3/4 weeks without chipping. I have been loving Soap and Glory's Hand Food, in the cold weather, it is brilliant and leaves my hands so smooth! In the background is a page from Company magazine, which is my all time favourite mag! It features blogs and blogging tips, makeup and nail art and more it has absolutely everything in it that a girl could want to read!

'Daisy' by Marc Jacobs is a summery scent but I think I can get away with wearing it all year round, unfortunately it has just finished so I need to buy a new one! :(

Pink and Blue fizzy bottles! I had looked all over my town for these sweets and nowhere seemed to sell them, I remember I used to get them every week from the ice cream van when I went to school and I could never find them anywhere else BUT I finally found them in one of the sweet shops in town when they got them back in stock so my boyfriend got me a huge bag full, safe to say they are all gone now!

This book is so lovely! I love all the Cath Kidston decor and this book basically tells you how to have a vintage home and how to create and decorate things, I would recommend buying this book if you too like the vintage, country house style!

What was your favourite things from december?


  1. love the Marc Jacobs perfume :) found your blog on company website. Please have a look at mine Followed you :) xx

    1. ooh I love the fragrance of it so gutted that my bottle has ran out:(! thankyou for following my blog, I will have a look at yours!:) xxx


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