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Liebster Award

Edit 21/01/2013 I have been nominated for this award a few more times so I am going to add the other questions from the people who nominated me at the bottom of the page :)

I have been nominated for this award by Natalie at I the same as Natalie had never heard of this award before but I look forward to participating in it!

Basically this award is for bloggers who have less than 200 followers and it is used to raise awareness of each others blogs and hopefully gain everyone more followers. Each nominee has to answer 11 questions set by the person that nominated them, set 11 questions of their own and nominate 11 bloggers of their own to answer those questions! 

Rules to follow are:

  • Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
  • Answer the questions that the nominator set for you plus create 11 questions for your nominees.
  • Choose 11 people and link them in your post
  • Go to their page and tell them.
  • No tag backs!
11 facts about me.

1. I want to be a nail technician and a makeup artist in the next couple years.
2. I work in a salon
3. I have a German Shepherd called Ruby
4. I was an extra in Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince film
5. When I was young, my imaginary friend was 'Tin Man' from 'The Wizard of Oz'
6. I love cars and learning about them
7. I have lived in the same house in the countryside my whole life
8. My favourite sweets are the pink and blue fizzy bottles!
9. I can't keep my money, I spend far too much on stuff I don't really need!
10. I used to think 'mow a meadow' was a place from the childrens song, 'one man and his dog, went to mow a meadow..'
11. I was always the smallest out of my class in school, now I am the tallest out of everyone!

My questions from Natalie:

What made you start blogging and when?
From reading The Youtube Guru's beauty and fashion blogs (especially Zoe's I was inspired instantly and then realised I could do it for myself too!

What's your favourite/least favourite thing about the blogger community?
My favourite thing about the blogger community is finding other girls blogs just like mine, we are all just starting out and trying to get known, I like the fact that I am not the only one without hundreds of followers. My least favourite thing about the blogger community is how hard it is to get known and how long it takes.

What's your life ambition?
My life ambition is to be happy, plain and simple but if I am happy I can do so much more and try lots of new things.

If you could live anywhere, where would you live?
New York! It's so amazing and just think about all the shopping you could do there!..

What is your favourite time of the year and why?
Autumn/Winter because the fashion is so lovely, I love layering up and wearing big jumpers and scarves!  I hate being cold but I love the look of frost and snow outside. I also like it because it is the festive season!

What is a beauty product you couldn't live without?
Mascara! I have long eyelashes so mascara helps me show them off.

Favourite film?
I can't pick between these two.. so,'Drive' and 'LOL'

How did you design your blog?
Through trial and error, I had a basic idea about HTML from studying it in high school so that was an advantage.

How many times do you write new blogposts?
Whenever I feel like it, I don't have a routine at the moment because I am always busy, but I will be writing more frequently soon.

What are your favourite subjects to write posts about and also to read about on other blogs?

Beauty for writing about. Homestyle, beauty, fashion, hauls and crafty posts to read about.

What is your happiest memory?
one of my happiest memories was getting my big fluff ball of a puppy! 

Questions from other bloggers who have nominated me for the award.

My questions from Becky

1. What's your favourite colour?
Pastel green, pink and blue

2. Favourite food?

3. Favourite item in your makeup bag?

4. favourite product you repurchase when its empty?
Clean and Clear essentials deep cleaning toner

5. Favourite high street shop?

6. Favourite fashion designer?
Marc Jacobs and Alexander McQueen

7. Favourite magazine?
Company! Best magazine EVER

8. Favourite item you own (anything)?
hmm my laptop and phone

9. Best thing you have ever done?
Been an extra in Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

10. Hobbies?
Blogging, Makeup, Nail Art and being arty and creative.

11.What things do you look for in a boy?
Happiness, Trustworthy and a good hugger!

My questions from Carly

    1.What is your favourite item of clothing?


        2.If you could live anywhere, where would that be and why?

          New York, because I would love to feel like I was in a urban film and because of the amazing shops and skyline!

            3.Would you like to go sky diving?
            No way, I am too much of a wimp!

            4.Who is your inspiration?
            My mum (cheesy I know but she is my best friend and the person I look up to in life.. literally she is just under 6 foot by like a 2 centimetres haha I am only 5'8!)

            5.What is the best decision you have made?
            To leave school when I did

            6.Would you rather live in the country or in the city?
            This is going to sound silly now but I would rather live in the country as I have lived in the country my whole life, New York is my only exception to city life!

            7.What have you learned today?
            My bank balance has gone down (oopsie)

            8.If you could go back in history, who would you like to meet?
            Cleopatra and Nefertiti 

            9.If you were a type of animal, what would you be and why?
            A cat because they are so acrobatic and nimble on their feet and they have 9 lives!

            10.What embarrasses you?
            Nothing really..

            11.What’s the first thing you notice about people?
            Their eyes.


            My 11 questions for my nominees 
            1. Who is your favourite YouTuber?
            2. What is your favourite makeup brand?
            3. What is your dream job?
            4. What do you like blogging about?
            5. Do your friends know about your blog, if so what do they think? if not then why?
            6. Where is your favourite place to be?
            7. Why did you start blogging?
            8. What do you like most about Autumn and Winter?
            9. If you could buy anything right now what would it be?
            10. What is your staple item of clothing?
            11. How long have you been blogging?

            My 11 nominees..

            I hope you all enjoy doing this and don't forget to comment a link to your posts when you have done them :)!



            1. hello natalie,
              thank you very much for nominating me!
              i am now following your blog!

              love nat xxx

            2. Thanks so much for nominating me:)
              Your blogs so sweet and I am now following xxxx


            3. Thank you so so much for nominating me! it really means alot, i really love your blog by the way it so pretty!xx


              1. That's okay Lucy! I thought your blog was wort nominating:)! It is lovely and aww thank you! xxx


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