Wednesday, 13 February 2013

My Ombre Hair Care Routine

Ombre hair is something I have admired for quite a while basically since Zoe first got hers done. But I was always a bit sceptical of how it would look in my natural auburn/red hair. After some thought on it I decided to give it a shot in December. I got one of my work colleagues to do it for me as she is a hairdresser (one of the perks of working in a salon!), the first bleaching didn't lift my hair colour at all, which I was really disappointed about but that was all down to having colour build up in my hair, I had used colour B4 to remove my last dark hair dye so I could go back to my normal colour but doing this had built up colour so the bleach wouldn't lighten my hair. We tried again that day with a stronger bleach and it went slightly lighter which I was happy with. Then a couple weeks ago I got it done again and this time it went proper blonde which I love!
I decided to buy John Frieda Colour Renew Tone Correcting shampoo and conditioner to remove brassy tones from my bleached ends. I love using this product, I can see a difference instantly every time I use it, because it is specifically designed for colour-treated blondes it works perfectly and keeps your hair in fairly good condition. This is my second lot now and I am only buy them if they are on offer in Superdrug as I think they are really expensive otherwise.
Herbal Essences is a brand that I always have used. I love their products and their wonderful smell! I have used the beautiful ends shampoo and conditioner in the past but never tried any other products from the range. I decided to try the hair mask and the split end protection cream as they were both on offer, I love the smell of these products, they contain red raspberry and silk extracts which are lovely!
I use the mask once a week and my hair feels and smells amazing after it! My hair looks better and better each time I use it. The tub is fairly large which means that it will last you quite a while. 
The split end cream is used before blow-drying your hair, you rub it through the ends of your towel dried hair and then carry on with blow-drying as usual. It protects your hair and stops it from breaking, which is brilliant for bleached ombre hair.

Have you tried these products before? Comment below :)


  1. I use the herbal essences hair mask and absolutely love it, the whole range smells lovely!


  2. I love the ombre hair but I'm too scared to dye it myself ha! I got these instead - dip dye hair extensions They’re available at and there's some gorgeous colours. I got the dark to blonde one and they look fab! Kate x


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