Tuesday, 26 February 2013

very.co.uk Magazine ♥

Helloooo I hope you have had a good start to your week! It is pretty sunny here which is getting me quite excited about spring and summer! 

This is Very's fifth issue of their magazine and I have been really enjoying reading through it! If you are signed up to very's catalogues then I am sure you have had this come through your letter box too. 
I think that it is something different to other catalogues and quite interesting, the layout, different texts and scrapbook look reminded me of Company magazine a bit. I love the pictures and the amount of reading that it has, it has 115 pages. There are interviews, beauty pages and of course fashion pages. I love it and its free, what's not to like!?

Have you read Very's magazine?

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  1. Ohh I've never seen the very magazine before! It's like with the ASOS magazine its free and is probably one of my favourite magazines haha.


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