Friday, 6 September 2013

August Favourites 2013 ♥

Hello! I am full of the cold/flu at the moment which has kindly jumped on me as I am just about to go for my weeks holiday from work next week, typical! The month of August has been brilliant for me, I had my 18th birthday (post here) and I passed my driving test first time:)! 
Now we are getting into my favourite time of the year, when its cold and frosty outside and warm and cosy inside and most of all the A/W fashion trends are honestly the best fashion season in my opinion, I am so excited, especially after seeing a sneak preview of Primark's new clothing range.. woo!
I have been loving a lot of things this month but I have managed to narrow it down to these 7 things.
This was my favourite present James gave me for my birthday. I love The Big Bang Theory, it's so funny and it always makes me happy when I watch it. I know series 1-6 is out now but at the time it wasn't when he bought it for me, so if you want that one then I think Amazon has it but it is quite pricey.
I was sent this product but I am definitely going to buy the full size version, I can really feel and see a difference in the condition of my hair after using this oil throughout August. I apply it to my hair when it is damp before I blow dry it.
I am going to write a full review on this perfume as it is thee nicest perfume I've used! It smells heavenly, floral and sweet. If you haven't tried it already then you need to get down to Boots, Superdrug or Debenhams and try it out!
This has been my favourite nail colour this summer, it is a lovely sea blue shade which lasts a whole week for me. It's got a lovely shine which compliments the colour perfectly.
This was my main present from my mum and dad for my 18th birthday, I have wanted an ipad for so long and this one is perfect, I can do absolutely everything on it. It is the newest one Apple has to offer with the lightening charger port and retina display, I am glad I got the 32GB version because it gives me plenty space for films and all the apps I could ever need! (My friend bought me the polka dot case, I don't know where it was from but there are loads on eBay)
Nivea Harmony Time Shower Cream - £1.00 Semichem
I love this shower cream, it leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised and it smells amazing, it has a soft and floral scent. What I like the most about it is how long the smell lasts on my skin, its lovely! I think it was a total bargain at £1 too!
Sanex Zero% deodrant - £1.00 Semichem
This might seem like a strange favourite but I have tried so SO many deodrants recently and none make me feel comfortable throughout the day, I don't sweat very much which I am glad about but I like to feel 'safe' haha. This deodrant has been perfect throughout this hot month, it lasts all day/night and it smells lovely! 


  1. Can't wait to read your review on 'Dot' - looks like such a lovely scent :)

    Much love,
    Jennifer x

  2. I love Dot as well. It's my favourite perfume!

    Lucy x

  3. I absolutely love the bottles for the Marc Jacobs fragrances, Dot is such a lovely scent too!

    Elizabeth x

  4. Ah, the Big Bang Theory. Can't wait for new season to start :)

  5. hiii lovely, i've just found your blog and i am in love with it! its really pretty and original! it would mean a lot if you checked out mine too x xx

  6. Absolutely love the Ipad case, I wouldn't be without mine :-)


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