Sunday, 22 September 2013

Plaid and Simple ♥

Plaid and Simple

Hello! I am absolutely loving this seasons patterns! Ahh they are right up my street, I have an edgy/grungy style and all of these pieces are just perfect! I wouldn't be brave enough to wear them together though.. but I will definitely be buying most of this stuff when I go to Glasgow on a shopping trip! Woo! I've caved in and bought the Topshop jacket already, it is my new favourite, I LOVE it!
I hope you are all okay, I will have some more regular posts coming up soon! I hope your week starts off well :)! xo

Leather Sleeved Jacket - Primark
Shirt - Topshop £28

Jacket  (I bought mine from an eBay seller who sells them for £45! They are £60 from Topshop BARGAIN) - eBay seller £45
 Mango plaid trousers - House Of Fraser £44.99

Lace up fold over boots - £31

Duffle Bag - Topshop £30



  1. Agh, I love that jacket in the bottom right corner. Where is that from? I don't see it listed! Lovely blog by the way.

    x Kelsey

    1. It is there, it's from primark that's why I couldn't put a link but I did list it in the text:) x

  2. we love plaid! that anorak has to be our favourite

  3. Love those picks - especially the trousers!


  4. Love your picks babe, especially the Primark jacket. :)


  5. I am gonna have to buy that coat off of ebay, looks perfect for this time of year!


  6. I like the pun, plain and simple, plaid and simple- made me giggle anyway. Great ebay find, I love finding a good deal on ebay! Are you from Scotland? If so yay! Me too, Glasgow shopping is the best.

    Emma x

    1. Thank you! I am from Scotland! And I'm actually going shopping in Glasgow this Friday haha! So excited woo:)! Thanks for your comment!
      Natalie xo

  7. Love your wish list, leather sleeves jacket and boot looking great.

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