Friday, 31 January 2014

January Favourites 2014 ♥

The first month of 2014 is almost over, what... not another one of those years! I can tell this year is going to fly by just like last. I've heard a few people say that as they get older time flies much quicker but I didn't think at the age of 18 time would be going this quick for me!? I have almost been in my new job a year?! Wowee! Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading my January favourites and I hope you all enjoy your weekend!

Netflix - £5.99 a month
I finally bought myself a 6 month Netflix subscription, yay! I live in a remote area so I can't get freeview on my TV in my room and I don't always want to sit in the living room to watch TV so I thought Netflix seemed like a good alternative. Tonnes of films and entire TV box sets for £5.99 a month!? I was wondering when they would email me with the catch.. but nope, no catch! Of course I did some research into which online film/tv providers were the best before I bought my gift card subscription, for me Netflix seemed to be the best one, Lovefilm doesn't have as many up to date tv shows as Netflix  does, so I ruled that one out. I would highly recommend getting yourself an online gift card (if your like me and you don't want to give them your bank details for a direct debit every 6 months) or a subscription, it is worth every penny but I am warning you now.. you might get addicted to even more TV shows like me!

I am pre warning you, this palette is going to be featured on my blog yet again after this post! I am so in love with it, it made my 2013 favourites and now it is in my monthly favourites. I would feature it in every months favourites but after this week I think you will all get the idea, I love it. If you own this palette you will understand where I am coming from when I say it is just everything you could ever need in one. The colours are perfect, highly pigmented, blend effortlessly together and most of all, they last all day! I could rave on and on but I will leave that to its own blog post. This is the only eyeshadow palette I have used since I got it for Christmas, all my others have been tossed to the side for now..

I love using Superdrug's face masks, they don't break out my skin and the tubes last a long time! I adore the smell of this face mask, it smells exactly as described in the name 'Superberry' it is lovely. There are tiny crushed up raspberry seeds mixed into the mask which act as an exfoliator. My skin is left feeling smooth and refreshed after I rinse off the mask with warm water and a muslin cloth.

I have been mainly using this skin tonic in the mornings after I have washed my face, however, I also like using it on days where I don't want to wear any foundation or BB creams as it brightens up my skin and makes it appear clearer and more radiant. I love the fresh and floral smell of this product, it is lovely to wake up to first thing in the morning.

This month I have really been loving this gun metal dark grey/black UV polish, I have a UV nail polish collection post coming soon, so keep an eye out for that. I love using these polishes as my nails don't grow very long and they tend to break easily but with these they grow and stay strong for about 2 weeks with the polish still on and not chipped, woo!

Burberry The Beat For Women Eau De Parfum 75ml - £45.00
I used to wear this perfume all the time when I was about 14/15 and I loved it, but like most perfumes I have, I got bored of it after a while, so I stopped using it. I finally got it again this Christmas and I haven't stopped wearing it, I love it and the memories it brought back to me when I first sprayed it on Christmas day were so strange! It's weird how a smell can remind you of 2 years of your life!? It has a very soft, warm and floral scent, which fits in all year round! Go try it next time you are in Debenhams!


  1. nice, love the naked palettes :)

  2. I am so tempted to buy Netflix and I think you have just sold it to me. I love when a scent brings back such strong memories.


  3. Netflix! I love Netflix. I've stopped watching regular television. haha

    Ray | Obey Ray

  4. Netflix is addictive, I'm now a huge Criminal Minds fan, I would have never tried it if it wasn't sat at my finger tips :)

  5. I think that Naked 2 should definitely be mine soon, so I can complete my ''Naked'' collection and see which one I like best :)

  6. Great selection of favourites. Netflix sounds awesome from your description. I’m also after trying that superdrug face mask it sounds gorgeous!! :-) x

    Helen @


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