Sunday, 2 February 2014

Sunday Catchup ♥

Happy Sunday! I hope you have had a good week! I haven't done very much this week, I have been working, been to the doctors about a pain in my leg I've had for 6 months, I got blood tests and I have an x-ray next Wednesday which will hopefully show what is making my leg so painful *grr*, I had the dentist on Friday and in my spare time I have been typing up blogposts. Ooh and my blog hit 200 followers this week woohooo! Thank you all for following me, it means a lot! Here are a few pictures from my week, some are from my Instagram @magickruby, you can follow me if you like (: xo

 1&2 - Magick having a little snooze on my tummy, cute! & My favourite Sheinside sweatshirt with my new TopShop leggings which I got for a tenner in the sale! BARGAIN!
 3&4 - I have been using this Limited Edition Cleanse and Polish all week, I can't get enough of it! & My gran and papa got me this cute desk tidy for my favourite nail polishes to fit into, I love it!
 5&6 Getting ready for work, sorry for the crazy selfie! & Instagramming what makeup was on my face the other day.
7&8 I finally got past level 56 on Candy Crush, it was driving me insane, I know there will be some crazy candy crush chicks (lol nice alliteration Natalie) looking at this picture and thinking 'she's only on level 56?!' But I am getting there! & in bed catching up on Vampire Diaries with a hot cup of tea P E R F E C T!



  1. Love the look of the Cleanse & Polish. What a pretty bottle!

  2. Awww your cat... Makes me miss my cat :( Great photos though!


  3. Squeeeee your cat is so cute! I want a pet so much :(
    And dem leggings giirrrrrrl!
    And freaking love your hair, it looks lush and makes me miss my full fringe!

  4. Such beautiful photos and cat. Well done on reaching 200 followers too.


  5. Your leggings are amazing, what a bargain!!

    Jennie xo |

  6. I’m new to your blog, its fab!! Looks like your Sunday was a lovely one. I love your photographs too :-) x

    Helen @


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