Friday, 14 February 2014

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic Review ♥

Happy Valentine's day! I hope you're all having a good day, whether you are with someone or not this Valentine's, you should take the opportunity to pamper yourself! Get a good DVD, some munchies and your favourite face mask and have a good evening:)!
I have been using this skin tonic religiously every morning and night after I have cleansed my face, I'm obsessed! My skin feels cool, refreshed and hydrated after I have applied this using a cotton pad. All the good ingredients and vitamins make me feel like my skin is being looked after, these include; Organic Aloe Vera, Calendula, Rose-scented Geranium, Cucumber and Vitamin E (which is an antioxidant that helps repair and protect your skin!). The smell of this product is amazing, as are all Liz Earle products, it has a very heavenly rose scent, which lasts ages! I have also noticed my skin hasn't had as many breakouts recently and my blemish marks are starting to fade? I can't think of any other product that could be doing this apart from this tonic, so that has pleased me. If you have used this product then comment your thoughts below!

(p.s I know that the bunny chocolates in the picture look like they have been involved in a chocolate bunny massacre but they taste amazing and were too cute not to feature in this post! They're from Tesco!)

What are your plans this Valentine's day? :)



  1. This sounds amazing! Happy valentines day x

  2. I always forget to put a toner kind of step into my routine! Tonight will be a rom-com movie and a take away kinda night as we celebrated earlier in the week. Happy Valentines day. x

  3. This sounds great, I've actually never understood what a toner does? Haha, but seems amazing! x

  4. I have been looking for a product like this for ages, I love the cooling feeling in a cleansing products. Great review.


  5. I just love your blog Natalie, o glad I've found it! Following you now, hope you visit and follow my blog as well!♥

  6. I absolutely love this as well as the Cleanse and Polish. It's such a gentle toner and I love the smell too haha! x

    Kathryn | effievanity

  7. I really want to try this! Im adding it to my wishlist! I had a romantic night in and my hubby to be cooked me a three course meal :D xxxxx

    Laura | Tease Flutter Pout

  8. It sounds amazing!!



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