Thursday, 20 February 2014

Weekly Catchup ♥

Hello! I have been so busy the past week, I had a job interview at my work to become a team leader (fingers crossed), I've been working, I went away for the day with James, I changed round some furniture in my room, I completely tidied it..(I have neglected it the past week) and I have tried my best to type up some more blog posts! There will be plenty coming up soon as I have something very exciting happening (well I'm excited anyway)! I wanted to post this on Sunday as a 'Sunday Catchup' post but that didn't work out as planned so here is a little catch up with what I have been up to recently! I hope you enjoy my random phone/ipad pictures :) xo 

From left to right, top to bottom

-My new hello kitty ipad case from eBay & clique magazine it's free each month and full of fashion and beauty, definitely check it out! (@cliquemaguk)
-I got cosy on my couch and had some pizza while I caught up with some YouTube videos and Blogs
-Mango & Pineapple McCafe smoothie.. Y U M 
-Lazy day watching YouTube (AmyValentine shown in the picture)
-I moved a few furniture pieces around my room (puffy denim jacket from Sheinside)
-I painted my nails using a couple of my gel polishes, they lasted over a week without any chipping!
-Strawberries and melted chocolate YUM
-I went to Jimmy Chungs restaurant which is an all you can eat Chinese buffet, it was amazing!

How has your week been? xo

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