Friday, 11 April 2014

Magick ♥

Hey hey chicas! I hope you are all having a good day, did you know cat's are this seasons newest fashion accessory? Go get one now! (I kid, but seriously I need more cats in my life, I am not too sure how Magick feels about being a fashion accessory though..) how red does my hair look in these pictures?! This is my natural hair colour if any of you are wondering. SO many people ask me what hair dye I use to get it this colour but I'm afraid to say its just au natural! I used to have blonde ombre a year ago, the majority of it has been cut out and faded, however, the sun in these pictures make it look like I have it back!
KILLSTAR Sweatshirt // Sheinside
Zombie Print Leggings // Topshop
Trainers // Topshop
Cat // MY HOUSE.


  1. Those leggings are amazing!

  2. Love your sweatshirt :)
    Michela |

  3. i like that leggings . it's a very fun piece .

  4. I love your shoes! The entire outfit is so cute!
    Eden from edenroses

  5. Those leggings are awesome! And yes your hair is beautiful <3 wish i had hair that colour!


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