Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Topshop/Motel Pay Day Wishlist // October 2014 ♥

I need to stop spending.. but how can I when there's so many beautiful things in Topshop ah! I get paid on Friday, I wish I could buy all of this but I just don't think I can justify the lot, however, I will be getting a couple things... 
Hope you like my picks, let me know your favourites! 
1. Tiara Motel Dress (either the sunflower one or the beautiful moon and stars one!) £35 2. Buckle Flannel Kilt Skort £40 3. PU Asymmetric Wrap Skort £36 4. Folly Crop Top By Motel £18 5. Kiki Shorts By Motel £35 6. All Eyes On Me Crop Top £30 7. I Hate You Top £24 8. Mesh Bralet £12 9. Sequin Skirt £85(*shocking price!*) 10. Dogtooth Wrap Over Coat £85 11. Fringe Trim Kimono £20 12. Tattoo Choker Set £16.50



  1. I want so much of this! I feel a big shopping spree coming on!
    I love the coat and the skorts!

    Jenn |



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