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Top 10 Beauty Products - Collaboration Post! ♥

Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a good week. I have a different kind of post today so I hope you like it!
Taylor from Taylorscollectionn tweeted the other day asking if anyone would like to do a collaboration post with her, so I thought I would give it a try, I've never done a collab post before so this is all new to me! I love how these kinds of posts connect bloggers and I love how we are all helping promote each other in a more interesting way than just an Instagram or Twitter shout out! I hope you like the topic we picked to talk about. All of Taylor's links will be below so definitely check out her beauty blog and twitter profile! If any of you would like to do a collaboration post with me then please get in touch via email ( or tweet me @shabbychicndtea and I will consider it, I love making new friends through blogger! 

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To the majority of you this will come as no surprise that I love this concealer, everyone does, however, I don't use it as a concealer, I use it as an eyeshadow base! It gives my eyelids a perfect all over natural colour and it makes my eyeshadow last all day! Of course all the packaging has rubbed off as usual! Which is so annoying.
This has become my all time favourite mascara, you can get it on Fragrance Direct for only £2.99, bargain! It separates and spreads out my eyelashes evenly and holds them up all day.
Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish - Grapefruit and Patchouli
Those of you who are familiar with my blog will know how much I adore this limited edition cleanse and polish. I love the smell and results from this cleanser, it makes my skin feel silky smooth and oil free! Worth every penny.
Another all time favourite, I have a full review here. I use this palette every day, all the eye shadows are super pigmented, they blend perfectly together and they last all day. Definitely a palette every aspiring makeup artist should have in their kit!
This is my new favourite powder. It brightens up my foundation even more and it makes my skin look smooth and silky once I've applied it on top of my foundation. And it's only £1.99 from Fragrance Direct which is amazing!
I have a full review on this tonic here, I use it every day after I have cleansed my face, it has helped brighten and clear my skin when I need it most and it makes my skin feel hydrated and soft.
MUA eye shadow shade 1 (Superdrug)
I use this eyeshadow as a brow and cheek bone highlight. It is only £1 from Superdrug. I have had this pot for over a year now and I haven't even hit pan yet! It makes my skin glow without looking caked or too shimmery, definitely worth trying out!
I use this duo every day, it compliments my pale skin perfectly and it lasts all day. I love how easy it glides onto my face and how well these colours compliment each other. I have heard and seen it is a good dupe for the Nars Laguna duo too!
Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Polish
I love all of the Gelly Hi Shine polishes but this one in particular is amazing! It matches every outfit and it lasts for about 4/5 days! I use it all the time and its only £3.99, what's not to love?!
Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser
I use this as my daily moisturiser before I apply my foundation. It is brilliant for my sensitive skin and it gets rid of any dry patches I happen to get in the colder winter months. Simple is a brand I absolutely adore because their products are full of vitamins and they don't have any perfumes or bad stuff in their products!

Did you enjoy this post? xo


  1. I am intrigued by the mascara - I haven't noticed it anywhere before!

    1. I hadn't heard of it either until I seen it on Fragrance Direct! It's amazing:)! Thanks for your comment Kathryn xo

  2. The Barry M Gelly nail polishes are favourites of mine too! :) so interesting that you use the collection concealer as an eyeshadow base - I'll definitely have to give this a go! x

  3. Great picks! I love the liz earle skin boost tonic and collection concealer too xx

  4. I love all the products you mentioned in this post Natalie! Also, you have really pretty photos xxx


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