Wednesday, 26 February 2014

What's On My Bedside Table ♥

Hello! I have read a couple of these posts in the past few months so I thought I would share what's on my bedside table with you all too! I don't clutter my table with junk so here are a few simple things I keep on it.
Heart Drawer set - Dunelm
My mum bought me this for my new room, I keep little bits and bobs like jewellery, cotton buds, pieces of paper and little notes in the drawers. I love things like this to keep my room tidy.
 teacup lamp - dunelm
I loooove this lamp! IT'S TEACUPS.. what's not to love. I love how simple but quirky it is, I sometimes keep earrings and rings on the saucer parts.
I use this pen holder to keep my Clean and Clear facial cleanser and Simple makeup remover bottles in. It keeps them out of the way of all my other skincare bottles and right beside me when I get into bed at night and I want to take my makeup off.
House Candle Holder - Hobbycraft
I love the detailing on this candle holder, it is a nice little decorative object even if you don't use it as a candle holder.
Random things
I always keep my notepad and this months company mag beside my bed for quick reads or if I need to write down a blog post idea. I always have my phone here too when I am watching tv, my Instagram is shown on it, my username is magickruby if you want to follow me. I have also been trying out Superdrug's new Superberry Mud Mask, I loove the smell of it and I like how the berry seeds are the exfoliating part of the mask. It makes my skin feel smooth and soft after I've used it, I am enjoying using it every now and again when I want to relax.
I know I don't have the most exciting bedside table in the world but its everything I need! I hope you enjoyed reading. xo



  1. Those draws are the cutest! Can't believe I've only just come across your blog, it's so lovely; new follower :) x

    Lauren // What Lauren Says

  2. I love the house-shaped candle holder - it's so pretty (: x

  3. That is so lovely! Love the lamp!

  4. such a cute post!

    love your blog so much :D


  5. Aw, the teacup lamp is so freakin cute!

  6. So pretty :) I wish my bedside table was this tidy haha! I love the heart drawers so pretty :') and the best piece of all the tea cup lamp this is so unique I just love the whole design :D xxx

  7. Ah I love that lamp too! So cute!


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