Monday, 19 May 2014

Models Own Velvet Goth Polishes ♥

Models Own Velvet Goth - Purple 'Amethyst', Black 'Obsidain' £5 each

I thought I would share my current favourite nail polishes with you all, I have been loving wearing these two polishes over the past couple of months. They last about 4/5 days without any chips and they have such a lovely soft velvety finish. The purple shade has got to be my favourite, it is so vibrant and the sparkles through it are a lovely pinky/purple colour. The black shade matches everything I wear and it looks great with the velvet finish. The bottles these polishes come in are so cool, I love the velvet lids, nice touch!
Have you tried any of the polishes in the Models Own Velvet Goth range?


  1. I have both of these and I looooove them! They are so pretty xx
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  2. I lovee this purple one, seems great.

  3. I love the Velvet Goth polishes! I bought a couple at the Clothes Show Live last year because Models Own were doing 5 polishes for £10 and a free goody bag, then I ended up loving them so much that I went and bought the rest of the collection. Such pretty colours and I love the finish x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels


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